Hydraulic systems

We design and manufacture Hyprox hydraulic power units tailored to our customers’ needs.

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Hydraulic service

A properly installed, used, and maintained hydraulic system works without fault.

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We are located in Lahti, Joensuu, and Kitee, in Finland. 

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Custom-made Hyprox hydraulic power units

Design, production, sales, and services

Kithydro Oy is a hydraulic and pneumatic specialist. In our Lahti branch we focus on the design and production of HYPROX hydraulic power units and sales of hydraulic and pneumatic components. We supply hydraulics to companies in Finland and abroad.

We design and manufacture custom-made hydraulic machines based on our customers’ needs. We are able to provide customised solutions on a fast schedule. Hydraulic power units parts can be found directly in our warehouse. Read more about hydraulic systems!

A wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products

We have an extensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic products from the most well-known manufacturers on the market. Our warehouse stocks components, cylinders, and electric motors. Fast and reliable deliveries are the basis of our operations.

Our comprehensive services include various hydraulics maintenance and measurement services such as installations, piping, maintenance, modernization, repairs, and oil service. We always offer our customers flexible and professional service. Read more about hydraulic services!

Hydraulics supplier with a long history

Kithydro Oy continues the operations of Hyprox Oy in Lahti, Finland. Hyprox was originally named Hypro-Lahti Oy, which was founded in 1984. In 1996, the name changed to Hyprox Oy. Koneosapalvelu Oy acquired Hyprox Oy and Kithydro Oy in September 2019. Hyprox and Kithydro were merged on 1st of July 2020, and after the merger the company operates under the name Kithydro Oy (new business ID 3018955-3). Kithydro is part of the Koneosapalvelu Group.

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