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Kithydro Oy is an expert in hydraulics. In addition to design, production, and sales, our services include various hydraulics maintenance and measurement work. Our installers can complete the entire installation process from installation to testing.

A properly installed, used, and maintained hydraulics system will last long and operate reliably even in challenging conditions. Our hydraulics services include installation, piping, measurements, flushing, maintenance, and modernisation. We always offer our customers flexible and professional service. Read more:

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Our professional fitters are skilled at flushing. We have different flushing machines for different systems. Flushing equipment rental is also part of our service.

We flush hydraulics systems up to the ISO cleanliness class agreed with the customer. After flushing, we will provide measurement results to the customer.

Flushing the systems before they are put into use will significantly extend the lifetime of the components. If flushing is neglected, any dirt particles that have come into the system during installation may quickly cause major damage to the components.


We install piping as ready-made elements or on site at the customers' premises. Our professional installers perform quick and quality piping installations.

We also supply hose assemblies and the necessary protectors and fasteners that guarantee the safety of the hoses. Different types of connectors are available depending on the size and pressure of the system.

Ordering piping can be done easily by using the electronic pdf form.

Hydraulic services