Pressure, flow, and oil purity measurements

High-quality industrial measurement services

Kithydro Oy performs pressure, flow, and oil purity measurements accurately and reliably. We also rent measuring equipment. We are located in Lahti, Joensuu, and Kitee, in Finland. We offer services nationwide. Contact us for more information!

Oil Purity Measurements

We perform oil purification measurements with Mahu PIC 9100 or Hydac FCU 1310 measuring devices. You can get the result of the purity test as a report according to your preferred NAS or ISO standard.

Pressure measurements

With our portable data recorder HMG 4000 it´s possible to measure system pressures, flows and temperatures. Our pressure sensors measure pressure up to 600 bar. Due to the precise measuring device, even very fast pressure shocks can be observed.

We also offer professional hydraulic system maintenance.

Flow measurements

We use the following flow sensors to perform flow measurements:

  • EVS 3100 (1,5–20 L/min)
  • EVS 3100 (15–300 L/min)