Custom-made Hyprox hydraulic power units

Fast deliveries to Finland and abroad

We design and manufacture customised HYPROX hydraulic power units based on the customer's needs. We provide custom-made machines and even the more special solutions on a fast schedule. Thanks to our extensive warehouse, we are able to offer extremely fast deliveries reliably.

Hydraulic machine parts are available directly off the shelf. By using components of the manufacturers we represent, we can guarantee the high quality of our systems and the long life of our machines. Our extensive warehouse also has 16-500 litre sized tanks as well as draining tanks.

System design

We design hydraulic machines using Solidworks 3D software. With the software, we can model the machines before they are built and thus facilitate our customers' design process.

Documentation of systems

Each hydraulic machine comes with electronic documents and user manuals in a wide range of languages. Our customers receive the system documentation including EU-compliance documents and the necessary manufacturer and affiliate warranties.

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